Here are a few questions you might have about reading, as well as their respective answers.

What may be the first step in choosing a good book to read?

The first thing to do when selecting a good book is to figure out what your interests are, as a reader. The first question you can ask yourself is the question of genre. Apart from genre, you can also check out certain authors whose works you have liked in the past. Having an answer for these questions will surely help you in narrowing down your options for picking or selecting your next book to consumer and devour in the minutes, hours, days to follow.

Whom can you ask for book recommendations?

Make use of that wide network you have for more than just small talk. Do you have family members who also love to read? Ask them what their latest good read has been, and then check this book out. Do you have friends who are just as big of a bookworm as you are? Then what are you waiting for? Ask for their opinion on the newest book that you’ve wanted to buy, especially if they have read it themselves.

Is it true that reading can make you more sociable or social?

Yes. There are several ways by which you can make this happen. First, your regular visit to the librarian will help to ensure this for you. Second, you can also join a book or reading club, which allows you to read and analyze or discuss certain books together.

How important is pacing for the reading process?

Pacing helps to establish how fast or how slow you intend to read the book you are reading. Pacing is great especially for those who are just beginning to appreciate reading, because pacing helps you to set certain expectations for yourself (ones that aren’t too ambitious, of course).

How can a Table of Contents help you in reading?

This set of contents will give you some interesting input as to which of the readings may actually spark your interest. Some tables of contents will give you the titles straightaway, while some will probably divide the titles further into chapters. Whatever the case may be, you can now take your pick from among the many titles and chapters, by asking yourself which one you find really striking, and start from there.

Is it good to take notes while reading?

Yes, especially if you happen to be reading a textbook. Notes will be your best friend in the whole textbook reading journey. As any textbook will go, there will truckloads of information with every page. In order for you not to get lost in the midst of all the input, it’s good to have notes that contain what you were able to get from each page or section.